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Coaches of the Season

Akiko Kondo - Gymnastics, Santa Clarita & Tri-Valley

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Akiko Kondo as the recipient of the 2017 Spring Coach of the Season award for Gymnastics! Akiko has been a part of the Special Olympics family since 2009. A few years prior to starting with SOSC, she had started working for LARC Ranch developmental community. She noticed a need for a fun group activity amongst the community members and decided to get involved with gymnastics. Most of her athletes are wheelchair bound and love to stay active with Coach Akiko. She enjoys gymnastics and seeing her athletes active and happy. In her spare time, she loves getting outdoors and stays active playing golf and tennis with her husband.

Dan Weiner - Athletics, Santa Barbara County

Hometown: Santa Barbara has lived there for 39 years

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Dan Weiner as the recipient of the 2017 Spring Coach of the Season award for Athletics! Dan had his first experience with Special Olympics in 1972 when he and his late wife sponsored an athlete. In 1997, he received a flyer in the mail asking for Special Olympic coaches, attended a general session to learn more about coaching, and the rest is history. As a former track athlete, he chose athletics because he enjoyed the different aspects it provided. The idea that his efforts and energy get people who otherwise would not be involved in competitive sports has kept him a part of Special Olympics for more than 20 years. Dan also enjoys coaching a power wheelchair soccer team, surfing, hiking, golf and anything that gets him outside and active. He is deeply gratified to have been chosen for Coach of the Season and says he will, "coach until he is dead".

Scott Ogata - Basketball, Los Angeles & San Gabriel Valley

Hometown: Whittier for over 20 years

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Scott Ogata as the recipient of the 2017 Spring Coach of the Season award for Basketball! Scott has been involved with SOSC since he was in high school, 27 years ago. He was a three-sport athlete and was encouraged to get involved with extra-curricular activities through Special Olympics. He volunteered and he was hooked. When it came time to coach a sport he chose one of the three he had enjoyed so much as a kid. He loves being able to give the athletes the opportunity to compete and participate in a sport they enjoy so much. The look on their faces when they practice and compete in a sport they watch their hero’s play has kept him involved for so long. When he is not bringing joy to his athletes he is a full time LAPD police officer and entrepreneur.

Keith Brigman - Bocce, Orange County

Hometown: Irvine, has lived there for 32 years

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Keith Brigman as the recipient of the 2017 Spring Coach of the Season award for Bocce! Keith is a retired adaptive physical education teacher and has been with Special Olympics since 1975. He started coaching after he met Madeline Evans, the former director of Orange County SO, and she encouraged him to get involved with his students. He took her advice and has coached and been certified with every sport SO offers. Keith still has some of his original athletes from the 1970’s competing with him so he migrated to coach a recreational sport that his athletes can do in their free time. He the uniqueness, love, joy and fellowship the players have with each other as well as with him. In his spare time he likes to exercise by playing a lot of softball, working out, and taking care of six grandchildren.

Alan Fry, Sr. - Golf, Los Angeles & San Gabriel Valley

Alan Fry Sr. is a parent, longtime coach of multiple sports, and a global messenger coach. Five years ago he started a South Bay golf program with 5 athletes, which has now grown 32 athletes strong! He is extremely busy with his profession at Mattel, but finds the time and energy to coach and maintain all the paperwork and logistics for competitions. Let’s have a round of applause for Alan, the recipient of the 2017 Spring Coach of the Season Award for Golf.

Rex Whitehead - Swimming, San Diego County

Hometown: Grew up in San Diego. Lives in Chula Vista.

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Rex Whitehead as the recipient for the 2017 Spring Coach of the Season award for Swimming! Rex is a parent to a daughter that has been participating in Special Olympics swimming for 12 years. He started as an involved parent, worked his way up to assistant coach, and then head coach for the past 5 years. He recently retired from teaching and coaching after 37 years. With three daughters, taking trips, coaching swimming, and fixing up a 1971 Volkswagen bus, he has plenty to keep him busy!