Coaches of the Season

Tim & Debbie Simmons | San Diego, bowling

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Tim and Debbie Simmons as the recipients of the 2016 Fall Coach of the Season award for bowling! Tim and Debbie are no strangers to the SOSC community. Getting their start more than five years ago with their daughter’s small group, they have continued to volunteer with Special Olympics and are now head coaches of the bowling team in San Diego. They love that bowling is a sport that any athlete can compete in and allows for downtime for socialization amongst the athletes to help them make friends. Debbie shared with us that one of their athletes will only knock down one pin, and will celebrate as if she hit a strike. It is these experiences and positivity of the athletes that keep Tim and Debbie coming back. When they aren’t hitting strikes, Tim and Debbie are volunteering their time in ministry with their church’s youth group, where they have been involved for more than 25 years.

Tim Powers | Santa Barbara, floor hockey

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Tim Powers as the recipient of the 2016 Fall Coach of the Season award for floor hockey! Tim has volunteered with Special Olympics for more than 10 years, coaching both floor hockey and basketball. He began as an assistant coach for his brother’s team and continued to return season after season, leading him to his current position as head coach. Tim has come to love the game of floor hockey through watching the athletes work together as a team and grow tremendously as individuals through being a part of Special Olympics.

Jerry Lawrence Siegel | Santa Barbara, soccer

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Jerry Siegel as the recipient of the 2016 Fall Coach of the Season award for coccer! In his 11th year with Special Olympics, Jerry has been involved with numerous aspects of the organization. Through coaching both soccer and track and field, serving on the leadership council, volunteering at the 2015 World Games, and initiating soccer and track and field School Games, he has embodied the Special Olympics mission into his time on and off the field. Jerry loves the team spirit and supportiveness he sees amongst the athletes and embraces the joy and enthusiasm of the athletes’ spirits. Off the field, you can find Jerry on the production team for the Santa Barbara Film Festival and cycling through adventurous excursions!

Mike Hauser | San Diego, softball

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Mike Hauser as the recipient of the 2016 Fall Coach of the Season award for softball! This huge baseball fan wasn’t going to shy away from the opportunity to coach softball with Special Olympics. To Mike, softball is a sport that gets everyone involved, from the outfield, being up to bat, or on the bench, there’s always an opportunity to get involved and cheer one another on. In his four-plus years with Special Olympics, Mike has coached the same team of athletes for and enjoys the time at their weekly practices and weekend tournaments to be refreshed with the energy and community of the athletes. When he’s not in the dugout, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, especially when he has the entire household under one roof all together!

Dee Henry | Orange County, tennis

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Dee Henry as the recipient of the 2016 Fall Coach of the Season award for tennis! Dee is a name that is known among SOSC. A collegiate tennis coach for 45 years and Special Olympics coach for more than 15 years, her passion for tennis goes beyond the court. She loves that tennis is fun for everybody, and teaches so many life skills. Dee shared that for one of her athletes, their goal was for him to learn how to follow directions through sport. Lindsay Marksbury of Orange County says, “Coach Dee has a special bond with the athletes like I've never seen. She is great at explaining and demonstrating so the athletes understand exactly what she expects of them. Her dedication to our athletes and Special Olympics beyond amazes me.” Aside from the tennis court, Dee enjoys spending time with her family.

Taylor Schubert | Santa Clarita, volleyball

Please join the SOSC family in congratulating Taylor Schubert as the recipient of the 2016 Fall Coach of the Season award for volleyball! Taylor is a twin of one of our athletes. She has been a part of Special Olympics since the age of 12 when her brother began playing. Coaching with her dad over the years has allowed their family the chance to rally around sports together as a family. A volleyball player herself, Taylor loves that it gives the athletes a team atmosphere and a chance for them to work out and have a fun time doing it. Although there isn’t a specific moment that has stood out to Taylor over the years, she can’t express how much she loves Special Olympics and how it has helped her brother grow. Off the court, Taylor is in the classroom as a Special Education teacher.