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Coaches & Team Volunteers

The best coaches & team volunteers are ones who are enthusiastic, patient, and flexible.

We provide training on sporting rules and regulations, but the real success comes from you. Your attitude enhances the athlete’s experience and there is nothing more important.

Did you know you don’t need sports or coaching experience to be a coach?

We Will Train You!


Position Descriptions

Whether it be coaching traditional or Unified teams or being a Head Coach to a Regional Basketball team at our SOSC Championships, coaching starts here.

Team Volunteer (Level 1)

Entry level training of Special Olympics for team manager, equipment manager, training site volunteer, chaperone. This is a non-coaching role and cannot provide instruction to athletes. Team volunteers assist Head Coach and Coaches with sports and non-sports training activities.
Ages 14+ may apply.

Certified Coach (Level 2)

Additional training provided in the core coaching components and sports-specific essentials in traditional Special Olympics and Unified Sports. Coaches assist Head Coaches with creating, organizing, and conducting a comprehensive sports training program. Knowledge and/or coaching experience in the sport you are interested in coaching, preferred.
Ages 16+ may apply.

Certified Head Coach/Coach (Level 3)

Advanced training provided for coaching traditional Special Olympics and Unified Sports.
Ages 18+ may apply.

Young Athletes Coaches

Young Athletes is a program designed for children 2-7 years old. This program focuses on developing motor, social, and cognitive skills with the help of active games, songs, and more! Along with the benefits to mental and physical growth, Young Athletes strengthens social and emotional development and provides a boost in family support. Young Athlete Coaches help carry out the activities during the 8-week program.


Position Descriptions

Our Games Management Team (GMT) is the magic behind every competition. This team makes up the athlete experience and brings joy to athletes, their families, spectators, volunteers, and more. GMT members are responsible for overseeing daily operations of their assigned functional area within the event. They may be responsible for training and leading day-of teams of volunteers. These positions are ongoing and may require team meetings leading up to competitions. Positions may be open on the regional and chapter level. Ages 18+ may apply.
Position Descriptions
Our volunteers and coaches invest in the athletes and SOSC. In turn, we invest in you with training and support. Our Level 2 and Level 3 Certified Coaches attend sport specific group training to meet certification requirements. Volunteers help lead and conduct the Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC) Coaches Education Plan by maintaining a current understanding of rules and best practices associated with coaching a specific sport. A Sports Clinician may be asked to serve as a member of the SOSC Sports Development Team to help formulate the SOSC Coaches Education Plan. Ages 18+ may apply.
Position Descriptions

Local Program leaders bring the mission of SOSC to life by coordinating teams and competitions on the local level. Starting a local program or enhancing an existing program takes time and dedication. With support from SOSC staff, new teams, programs, and competitions can spark the joy of sports throughout the chapter.

Position Descriptions

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Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties
Kern, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties


Contact volunteer@sosc.org.

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