Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC)

Special Olympics Southern California


“My brother Joey was part of the first Special Olympics Games in Chicago in 1968. The excitement and pride that he received from that experience changed his life. He always wore his recent received medals for everyone to see and of course to congratulate him.”

-Judi Garfi-Partridge
Special Olympics Southern California gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following foundations, trusts and specialized funds that supported our athletes. For more information, please contact Brandon Tanner at btanner@sosc.org or 562.502.1041.

The Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Henry L. Guenther Foundation
Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation

John W. Carson Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
ESCO Technologies Foundation

Harriet H. Samuelsson Foundation

Masco Corporation
Walter J. & Betty C. Zable Foundation
Dignity Health – Glendale Memorial Hospital
Hervey Family Non-endowment Fund at The San Diego Foundationn
Pacific Life Foundation
Wonderful Company Foundation
Elizabeth Bixby Janeway Foundation
The Green Foundation

Jerome Foundation

Mark & Dorothy Smith Family Foundation
Rite Aid Foundation
$5,000 – $9,999

Goodwin Family Memorial Trust

Schlinger Family Foundation

Target Corporation

Lockheed Martin Aero Club

The Simon-Strauss Foundation

Terrence R. and Barbara C. Caster Donor Advised Fund

Nordson Corporation

Southern California PGA


2019 Gold Medal Circle

The Gold Medal Circle recognizes individuals who support the mission and athletes of Special Olympics Southern California with their generous program specific annual contributions of $1,000 or more. This list is updated annually, if you would like more information or to be included on this listing, please contact Brandon Tanner at btanner@sosc.org.

Daniel Berdakin and Susana Alberti Family Foundation


Pilar Bahde

The Donald G. Goodwin Family Foundation

Sheila, Dave and Sherry Gold Foundation


Bascom Group

Anita Green

Tim and Cathy Redmond

Nancy K. Swanson

Richard and Kimberly Villa

Robert and Joan Blackman

The Michael Family Trust

Robert H. Clark Foundation

Edward and Sandra Tarle

The Yardi Foundation

Alexander George

John and Judy Peetz

Joan and Arnold Seidel

Daniel J. Vanderpyl


Carol A. Adamson

The Ilene Clow Foundation

Walt Disney Company Foundation

Thomas J. Eastman

John H. Grace Foundation

Todd Goldstein

Pacific Logistics Corp.


A. G. Layne, Inc.

Alain Hirsch Construction Corp.

Dann V. Angeloff

Alejandra Baumann

David & Gail Bowman

Ed Brumleu

Michael E. Cahill

John Caputo

Jay Chase

Michael L. Davidson

Joe Farrell


Brian Glennon

Donald W. Haggstrom

Tim Heinen

Bonnie Q. Herron

Gary J. Hopkins

Megan K. Jordan

Rev. Dr. Steven Kin

Latham & Watkins

Russ F. Lesser

Alan and Sandy Martin

Tom McIntyre

DJ Moore

Ana O’Brien

Bruce A. Pearson

Jim & Violette Prentice

Robert Pszyk

Sandra Ruscetti

Michael Schall

Larry Seymour

William S. Shumard

Michael J. Smith


Stephanie Thoensen

Valley of the Sun United Way

Mark Walzman

Mike Whitmore

Robert A. Wyman

Manny Abascal

Alexander S. Alacche Foundation

Joseph S. Asciutto

Jim Beaubien

Robert Braly

Amy Brutto

Joe Calabrese

Michelle Carpenter

James P. Cline

Dubois Family Charitable Fund

Michael Fleischman and Allison Funk

Richard A. Garcia

Gloria Gold

David Halberstadter Lewis Handelsman

Brad Helms

Vince H. Herron

John Jameson

Mary E. Kanoff

Robert & Charlene Kozlowski

Whit & Michele Latimer

Charles Maizland

Larry McCauley

Joanne Michael

Edward R. Muller

Rick Offsay

Rob Perrin

Maureen Price

Frank Randall

Mike Ryan

David Schindler

Shanbrom Family

Meredith Shumard

Dylan Stephenson

David Taub

Nadine E. Tilley

Ann L. Van Dormolen

Timothy Weaver

William and Gertrude Shelley Family Foundation

Dominic Yoong

Shirley Adachi

Pam and Claron Anderson

Ramiro Barba

Kirk Blower

Harriet D. Bronson

Adele Byrnes 

Douglas Campion

Jennifer Castelli

Angela Collins

Nicholas G. Everett

Wayne Flick

Peter M. Gihuly

Scott A. Gregory

Bill and Kerry Bryan

Robert Henderson

Dr. Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi

JohnHart Corp

Kehl Family

Jeff & Wendy Krieger

Fred B. Leeds

Mary E. Marshall

Jerry McGee

George Mihlsten

Jane J. Netherton

Elizabeth S. Pankey

Kelly Pond

Lori Prince

Kate Rhymer

Nancy D. Satterberg

Josephine Scholl

Thomas & Cammie Shreve

Jason Silvera

Corbin D. Stevens

David B. Taylor

Paul Tosetti

Frederick E. Von Coelln

Christine Weidenheimer

The Wilson Sexton Foundation

Judy Winter

Special Olympics Southern California Champion's Society

By providing for Special Olympics in their estate and financial plans today, members of The Champion’s Society® guarantee the long-term success of Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC) and its athletes. You become part of this group when you include a gift for Special Olympics in your will or trust, by beneficiary designation, and/or charitable income gifts.

For more information on including Special Olympics Southern California in your future plans please contact Brandon Tanner via email at btanner@sosc.org.

Thank you to our current Champion's Society Members!


Brian Erickson

Lewis Handelsman

Tim Redmond

Brian and Lori Hanna Robertson

Ann L. Van Dormolen

William and Rita Collins

Elizabeth Frech

Gerry, Joy & Jonathon Kolesky, George Schuler & Erma Santee

Janet Rose

Toby Schoolman

Claudia & Grant Walters

Richard Davies

Jay Glicksman

Mary Leese

Jane Netherton

Fern Rudd

James Toothaker

Thank you to our current Champion's Society Members!

We would like to recognize the following individuals and families for their generous support of the athletes of Special Olympics Southern California.

Chapter-In memoriam of:

Rosemary Baldwin

Linda May Brecht

Beverly Charter

Virginia & James Dean

Ernest Feld

Andre Frenkenberg

Florence Rose Hanson

Thomas Holman, Jr.

Vivian Humbert

Lewis & Phyllis Leis

William Lewis

Nancy Martinelli

Paul & Nell Michael

Magdalene Peregrin

Herbert Posnack

Jacob Schmidt

Herbert Stockinger

Bobby & Paula Bates

Lucille A. Brughelli

Coco Family

James Dineen

Patricia Ferguson

Alfred Gerrie

Robert Gimbel & Steven Martin Gimbel

Carol Holt

Kathleen Jimenez

Katherine Lentine

Sharon Magruder

Betty Jean McConnel

Louis Mirabile

Lucia Pillard

Virginia Riddle

Betsy Smith

Robert White

Mary Boucher

Lisa Carpenter

Roma Cossairt

John Dixon

Edward Fleischman

Jaquelyn L. Green

Lois Haraughty

Tonabel Marcheta Horsfall

Milton Lear

Joseph & Elizabeth Levitt

Della May Majocchi

Geraldine McCarroll

Harry Peterzell

Gordon Piver

Constance Ripolo

Susan Stillings

Los Angeles/San Gabriel County Regions-In memoriam of:

Wilt Chamberlain

Helen Phillimarie Austin

Angus Duncan

Sherry Netherland
(Santa Monica/Westside program)

Orange County Region-In memoriam of:

Joseph & Alice David

Barbara Sager

John Villman

San Diego County-In memoriam of:

Ramona & Stewart Belote

Doris McKee

Emmett & Florence Woodward

The Dratwa Trust

Para Meyer

Gary R. Wyma

Marianne Laviano

Minnie Thomas

Santa Barbara County Region-In memoriam of:

Esther Mlynek

Vishnu Swarup

Ventura County Region-In memoriam of:

Jamie Burton


Special Olympics Southern California enriches lives, and your generosity helps to provide training, uniforms, equipment, travel and countless other resources to our athletes. The donations enhance the experience and help leave a lasting impression for those supported.

Spend Wisely

We work hard to maximize your investment. For every $1 raised on behalf of the athletes, 76 cents goes directly to program costs.

  • $50 = Provide new sports equipment
  • $100 = Sponsor an athlete’s training and participation in Athlete Leadership
  • $500 = Sponsor an athlete for one year
  • $2,500 = Meals for regional games competition
  • $10,000 = Help establish or maintain a School Partnership Program for one season or sponsors one Regional Games
  • $100,000 = Sponsor School Partnership Programs, serving 1,500 athletes, ages 8 through 22 for one year
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