Our Donors

“My brother Joey was part of the first Special Olympics Games in Chicago in 1968. The excitement and pride that he received from that experience changed his life. He always wore his recent received medals for everyone to see and of course to congratulate him.”
-Judi Garfi-Partridge

Gold Medal Circle

The Gold Medal Circle giving club honors individuals who enrich our athletes’ lives with generous support not associated with an event by contributing $1,000 or more each year to sponsor athletes.

The distinguished donors marked with an asterisk (*) are also members of the Honorary Coaches Club and contribute $10,000 or more per year to sponsor our athletes.

For more information, contact Melissa Wickman at mwickman@sosc.org or 562.502.1098.

Gold Medal Circle


Pam & Garen Anderson

Eric L. Affeldt*

Jill Atterbury*

Pilar & Charles Bahde*

Meredith Battin & Mike Shumard

David & Nina Berson

Gregory & Mary Betzler

Glen & Debbie Bickerstaff*

Jean Bixby Smith

David & Gail Bowman

Bill Bryan, in loving memory
of Kerry Bryan

Steven & Isabelle Bushong

Erin Califf

Pete & Carin Carey

Margie Cate

Steven & Patricia Cohn

Richard & Bonny Cook

Joseph David

Donald Davidson

Christina Derenthal

Charles Di Iorio

Douglas Disraeli

Mark & Janice Dickson*

Kris Drummond

Billy Earley

Jim & Sheri Eaton*

Brian Erickson*

Brian Farrell

Douglas Ford

Barbara Foreman

Elizabeth Frech

Jeffrey & Barbara Frick

Judi Garfi-Partridge*

William Garrett

Paul D. George

Thomas Gibson

Norman & Donna Gleit

Sue & Bill Gross*

Suzanne Greenberg

Dr. Ed Hager*

Lewis Handelsman

The Hartmann Family

Jinx Hack-Ring

Doug Hayden

Bucky Hazan

Tim Heinen

Thomas & Bonnie Herron

Curt Hill

Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi

Doug & Diane Hockersmith

Richard Hoefflin

Kathleen Hoffman

Bob Istwan

John Jung

Stath Karras

Hap & Kathy Kellogg*

Robert Kozlowski

Supervisor Don Knabe

Jeffrey & Wendy Krieger

Kathleen Krumbach

Charles Lagerstrom

Dr. James Lally

Ann Lundy

Anne Macpherson

Doreen Marsh

Thomas McKissick

Monica McDade

Jerry & Alanna McGee

Carl Messenger

Robert Montgomery*

Ruth Ann Moriarty

Ronald Morton

Missy Mulligan

Benno Nelson

Jane Netherton

Dan & Sharon Niedringhaus

Roseanne O'Brien

Diane Ochotsky

Adam & Melanie Parrish

John & Judy Peetz*

Greg Perrault

Dana & Tom Petty*

Paul & Tami Pflug

James P. Petersilia

Kelly Pond

Mary Ann Powell

Maureen Price

Carol Pruett

Tim & Cathy Redmond

William & Louise Rice

Leslie Ridley-Tree

Janet Rose

William D. Rosenbaum

Alvin Sargent

Bill & Kim Shumard

Jerry Siegel

Elizabeth Steele

Douglas Stephen

Barbara & Thomas Stevens*

Susan Strick

Nancy & Rich Swanson

Jeff & Ann Thiel

Leslie Turpin

Andrew Tymkiw

Louise Ukleja

Ann Van Dormolen

Richard & Janet Van Kirk

Joe Vargas

Frederick Von Coelln

Rose Voss

Dick Wallace

Jered & Kristin Weaver

David Weber

Frederica Weimer

David Wheeler

Gary Whitley

Chris & Sandra Willson-White

William Winton

Michael Wise

Legacy Gifts & Pledges

We are grateful to the forward-thinking individuals who have chosen to remember our athletes in their estate plans. While some of our supporters have passed away, their generosity will live on in the enthusiasm and joy our athletes experience every day in Special Olympics programs. Many estate pledges are specific to a region, program or our endowment (long term stability fund). You can make a difference today by leaving a living legacy. Thank you for your vision and belief in our mission, and we want you to be attending our events for a very long time to come!

Thank you to our Living Legacy Society Pledges


Brian Erickson

Elizabeth Frech

Jay Glicksman

Lewis Handelsman

Gerry, Joy & Jonathon Kolesky,
George Schuler & Erma Santee

Jane Netherton

Tim Redmond

Brian and Lori Hanna Robertson

Claudia & Grant Walters

Lasting Legacy Gifts

We would like to recognize these individuals and families for their generous support.

Chapter-In memoriam of:

Rosemary Baldwin

Mary Boucher

Linda May Brecht

Lisa Carpenter

Beverly Charter

Virginia & James Dean

James Dineen

John Dixon

Patricia Ferguson

Edward Fleischman

Alfred Gerrie

Robert Gimbel & Steven Martin Gimbel

Lois Haraughty

Tonabel Marcheta Horsfall

Vivian Humbert

Milton Lear

Lewis & Phyllis Leis

Katherine Lentine

Joseph & Elizabeth Levitt

William Lewis

Della May Majocchi

Nancy Martinelli

Betty Jean McConnel

Geraldine McCarroll

Sharon Magruder

Louis Mirabile

Harry Peterzell

Magdalene Peregrin

Lucia Pillard

Gordon Piver

Herbert Posnack

Virginia Riddle

Constance Ripolo

Jacob Schmidt

Herbert Stockinger

Robert White

Los Angeles/San Gabriel County Regions-In memoriam of:

Wilt Chamberlain

Angus Duncan

Sherry Netherland
(Santa Monica/Westside program)

Helen Phillimarie Austin

Orange County Region-In memoriam of:

Joseph & Alice David

Barbara Sager

San Diego County-In memoriam of:

Ramona & Stewart Belote

The Dratwa Trust

Doris McKee

Para Meyer

Minnie Thomas

Emmett & Florence Woodward

Gary R. Wyma

Santa Barbara County Region-In memoriam of:

Esther Mlynek

Vishnu Swarup

Ventura County Region-In memoriam of:

Jamie Burton

No gifts pledged or known at this time:

San Luis Obispo County Region

Santa Clarita/Tri-Valley County Regions

Kern County Region

Inland Empire Regions

You can be the first in your region! Contact Michele Latimer at mlatimer@sosc.org for more information.

Foundation Funding

Special Olympics Southern California gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following foundations, trusts and specialized funds that supported our athletes in 2016 & 2017. For more information, please contact Melissa Wickman at mwickman@sosc.org or 562.502.1098.


The Hoag Foundation

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

$25,000 - $49,999

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Johnny Carson Foundation

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals

LA84 Foundation

Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999

Ann Jackson Family Foundation

The CarMax Foundation

David C. Copley Foundation

Elizabeth Bixby Janeway Foundation

ESCO Technologies Foundation

Grace Helen Spearman Foundation

Hervey Family Non-endowment Fund
at The San Diego Foundation

Hutton Parker Foundation

Jerome Foundation

Walmart/Sam's Club

Wells Fargo Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Art Pratt Foundation

Boys & Girls Foundation

Foundation for Developmental Disabilities

Lockheed Martin Aero Club

Long Beach Rotary Charitable Foundation

Maurice J. Masserini Charitable Trust

Rite Aid Foundation

The Simon-Strauss Foundation


Terrence R. and Barbara C. Caster Donor Advised Fund

Wood-Claeyssens Foundation


Special Olympics Southern California enriches lives, and your generosity helps to provide training, uniforms, equipment, travel and countless other resources to our athletes. The donations enhance the experience and help leave a lasting impression for those supported.

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We work hard to maximize your investment. For every $1 raised on behalf of our athletes, 90 cents goes directly to program costs.

  • $50 = Provide new sports equipment
  • $100 = Sponsor a child's participation in School Games
  • $500 = Sponsor an athlete for one year
  • $2,500 = Meals for regional games competition
  • $10,000 = Help establish or maintain a School Partnership Program for one season or sponsors one Regional Games
  • $100,000 = Sponsor School Partnership Programs, serving 1,500 athletes, ages 8 through 22 for one year