Information for SOSC Coaches

Thank you for your interest in becoming an coach for SOSC. We appreciate your interest and have a team of individuals that will be working to get you through our clearance process. This process can take up to 7-10 business days and is highly reliant on your application and accompanying documents being complete in addition to your timely response if follow-up is required. Any delays in your response to our inquiries may delay the process beyond the 7-10 business days that are typical of our clearance processes. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to you becoming a part of SOSC.

If you already registered to participate in a previous phase of RTA, you do not need to register again. Please communicate directly with your athlete/team and community office to coordinate your participation in this phase.


  1. Read, then digitally sign and submit the COVID-19 Waiver and COVID-19 Code of Conduct via Docusign.
  2. Renew volunteer clearance status, if needed (see below)
  3. Return to Activity required training (see "Return to Activity Training" section below)
  • If your volunteer clearance status is expired, you will be receiving an email from the Volunteer Engagement Department with renewal instructions. If you are unsure or have questions, please contact
  • Only those Coaches that have completed all requirements will be allowed to participate in our in-person activity.
  • Sports Skills Certification: Recertification will be required before the start of Phase 2. You will receive communication and instructions in the coming months from the Volunteer Engagement Department.
  1. All SOSC coaches complete and submit the online SOSC Vaccination Disclosure Form

All registered SOSC participants (athletes, coaches, volunteers, and employees) are required to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status via the online form in order to participate in sports programming, training, and events. The data collected will be used to inform SOSC on current COVID-19 vaccination trends within the organization and will help us to determine appropriate safety measures and COVID-19 protocols that will be used in future sports programming, training, and events.

Fully vaccinated for SOSC purposes is defined as the following:
Two (2) doses of Pfizer or Moderna plus a booster
One (1) dose of Johnson & Johnson plus a booster
2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson, but not yet eligible for a booster dose.

For the specific purposes of SOSC’s data collection, a decision to not disclose your COVID-19 vaccination status will be treated and tabulated with those persons who identified as being not vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated, but plan to become fully vaccinated in the future, please complete this form after you have become fully vaccinated. All vaccine information will be kept confidential with very limited access.


  1. Once you have completed and submitted the waiver, code of conduct, completed the COVID-19 vaccination disclosure form, renewed your volunteer clearance (if needed), and completed all required trainings, we encourage you to wait 5-7 business days before reaching out to your Local Program Coordinator or local SOSC office to express interest in participating.

If you need assistance, please call 562.502.1103

Return to Activity Training

Videos & Quiz

Each coach must review the Special Olympics International PPE Protocol Videos and complete an online quiz.

Watch the Training Videos

  1. Travel to and Arriving at the Venue
  2. Code of Conduct and Risk Waivers
  3. Examples of Coaching Adjustments

Complete the Quiz

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