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Our Codes of Conduct include our guiding principles of respect, quality of sport, and responsibility. We hold our coaches to the highest regard as they set the tone and experience for our athletes. Please review often and abide by them so we can promote inclusion through the joy of sport. Any behaviors acting outside of the Code of Conduct will result in possible probation, suspension, or expulsion. If you have any concerns or questions about conduct, please reach out to your regional SOSC Sports Manager.

Rules and information on each SOSC sport is below. Please reference these when preparing for practice and competition. Our competitions and championships all abide by these rules.

SOSC collaborates with Special Olympics North America and Special Olympics International to devise policies and best practices to support our athletes.

As we transition to our new volunteer registration system: GetConnected, please email for more details on volunteer recertification.


Coaches are required to renewal their status and sports certification every 3 years. For a complete overview of recertification needs by coach role, see the SOSC Coach Education System.

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Volunteer Status Renewal Process

Sport Recertification

For first time certification in a sport, an in-person training is required. Please contact your local SOSC office for upcoming sport clinics. Renewing in a sport can be done online below: