Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC)

Special Olympics Southern California

Athlete Leadership

Special Olympics has opportunities for athletes to grow their leadership skills, whether it is through coaching, being an official, a team captain, a spokesperson, or Board or committee member.
Global Messengers

Global Messengers

Global Messengers are Special Olympics athletes, trained in public speaking, who help spread the message and vision of the movement as well as the benefits they have gained by participating in Special Olympics. As leaders and message-bearers of the movement, Global Messengers communicate the powerful declarations of hope, acceptance, and courage of Special Olympics athletes around the world.

Athlete Input Council

Athlete Input Councils ​

The athletes are empowered to voice their opinions and recommend a course of action about various facets of the year-round sports training and athletic competition program. The meetings provide a forum to report to other athletes with the latest happening in their area, address important issues, and gain leadership and training experience.

Athlete Volunteers

Athlete Volunteers

The athletes are empowered to take a more active role in the organization by helping out at events in a volunteer role. Whether its checking in volunteers, working in an information booth, taking photos or a variety of other roles, athletes gain experience in a different aspect of the organization.

ALPS Trainer

Athlete Leadership Trainer

SOSC is currently looking for additional Athlete Leadership Trainers. Trainers will enable SOSC to enhance our training program and increase our number of Athlete Leaders.

All trainers must complete a “Train the Trainer” session. Three years of Athlete Leadership experience is required to be an Athlete Trainer.

If interested in this role click on the Get Involved button below.

For current SOSC athlete leaders who want to become a trainer, please contact Dustin Plunkett at dplunkett@sosc.org.


Athlete Leadership Mentor​

Mentors work alongside an athlete on their Athlete Leadership journey. A mentor attends all trainings with their athlete partner, assists in writing their mission statement and developing the next steps of their chosen path. A mentor assists in developing their athlete partners confidence as they take on new leadership challenges beyond the field of play.

If interested in this role click on the Get Involved button below.

For current SOSC athlete leaders who want to become a mentor please contact Dustin Plunkett at dplunkett@sosc.org.

Please complete and submit our online form to get involved in Athlete Leadership.



Paul Hoffman has competed in Special Olympics for more than 30 years and is passionate about the changes sports have made in his life. Not only has athletics made him a healthier person, but it has given him more self-confidence and a sense of pride.

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